Editorial Services

Your Partner in Creating Compelling Content

Jesus invites us to start a new chapter in our story with Him, the author and finisher of our faith, then to share our stories with others. Your story matters — and there is power in your testimony being shared with another person!


As your editorial partner with more than 25 years of writing and editing experience, I will come alongside you in the process of turning your stories into compelling content with eternal impact. No matter where you are in your journey, I will be your experienced guide to help you take your next step — whether it’s helping you create your message, clarifying the direction of your work in progress, refining your existing content for maximum impact, or making final corrections so that your project is ready for publication.

Content Creation

I partner with emerging storytellers to create compelling content that best expresses the messages you want to share with your audience, whether you are looking for someone to create original copy for you or to rewrite/rework existing content. 

  • Write original content for a website, blog, or e-book
  • Write marketing pieces to support the author (profile, biography, etc.)
  • Rewrite existing content in development

Copywriting services vary in price based on the type and length of content being created; prices are based on industry standards. Request a free consultation to explore your options and receive pricing details..

Content Development & Refinement

If you have a non-fiction editorial project in the works, I can provide the guidance necessary to move your project forward. I will evaluate your work in progress and coach you through the revisions necessary to bring structure, organization, and clarity to your project, making sure your unique story is refined for maximum impact. 

  • Evaluate your existing manuscript
  • Address big-picture issues, with revision suggestions
  • Identify and solve problems with organization, clarity, and readability

Development and content editing rates are based on where you are in the process and what will be required to take your project to its next level of completion. If you are working on a non-fiction book, a manuscript evaluation will be required to assess what level of editing will take your project to the next stage. All content editing services are competitively priced based on industry standards. Request a free consultation to determine your editing needs.

Content Correction

If you are ready to put the finishing touch on content that has already been through the refinement process, you need the detailed eye of a professional copy editor. I will make sure your writing is clean, polished, and reader-ready before you move on to the final stages of publishing. 

  • Correct spelling, grammar, mechanics, syntax, and word usage
  • Check style and format consistency
  • Cross-check references and other features for consistent mention across text

Copy editing and proofreading services are competitively priced based on industry standards. Request a free consultation to determine if your project is ready for copy editing or proofreading services.