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I have enjoyed the inspiring prayers and personal application of Ruth Schwenk’s prayer prompts journal, “Jesus, Calm My Heart: 365 Prayers to Give You Peace at the Close of Every Day.” Having followed Ruth on social media, I’m familiar with her prayer prompts, and on many occasions, I’ve been one of the women she talks about in the introduction who has commented online to say, “I really needed this tonight!” I’m thrilled that she has put prayers like these together into one collection that you can reach for anytime, any day.

In this 365-day prayer journal, Ruth shares brief yet content-rich prayers that are relatable and scripture-based, covering topics that will resonate with many. If you’re new to praying with a scriptural foundation, her format is a great model. I also appreciated the journaling aspect of each day’s prayer page offering space to personalize your prayer for that day, and the fact that the prompts gave me an opportunity to pray for others, even if their needs haven’t been shared with me personally.

While some prayer topics are general (for the woman who is “weary,” “discouraged,” or “lonely,” for example), many are also very specific (such as “received bad news unexpectedly” or “wants to let go of unhealthy coping mechanisms”). If you read it chronologically, you might find that a prayer doesn’t apply to you that day. In that case, you can choose to pray for someone you know who is in that situation or, as I imagine Ruth does, for those you don’t know who are experiencing this need. Another option is to use the table of contents to guide you to the topics that are applicable to you that day and jump around as needed.

However you choose to use this beautiful prayer book and journal, I believe you’ll find it to be a valuable resource. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to add scripture to their prayers, learn to pray for specific yet universal struggles, or receive guidance when they’re struggling to find the words. This would make a great gift for any Jesus-seeking friend, especially if they are looking for tools to help with consistent prayer time.

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