How to Preorder Life Changing Stories

LCS Cover Preorder Now (Website)

I’m thrilled to announce that you can now preorder the book I was blessed to collaborate on, ButterflyLiving Life Changing Stories: A Devotional Collection Revealing God’s Faithfulness and Transforming Power! It’s available now on Amazon: The Kindle version is just $3.99, and the paperback version with the beautiful cover pictured here is just $11.99! It will officially launch and ship on September 29th.

What will you find in ButterflyLiving Life Changing Stories?

It’s a collection of 34 hope-filled, inspirational short stories that reveal God’s faithfulness and transforming work in our lives. Included is my short story, “When God Says His Grace is Enough,” in which I share how I learned to abide within the limits God allows through my struggles with chronic physical anxiety.

Jesus never promised a life without difficulties, but He does promise to guide us along the way, showering us with His presence, love, and peace. Through these 34 short stories, you will be encouraged in your journey to pursue Jesus as the remedy for life’s most difficult challenges.

This group of authors is also excited to be supporting Compassion International, an organization with the mission to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name, with all profits from the sale of this book!

Why Preorder Now?

You might be wondering why we’re inviting you to preorder the book before it’s officially released, so here’s the scoop: Book preorders show Amazon that readers are excited about a new book, and the algorithm will then move it up in the search results to make it easier to find.

For example, just one day after preorders were launched, orders for the Kindle version pushed it up to #19 ranking on the best-selling Kindle devotionals list (wow!), so anyone checking the best sellers list would see it as they are browsing the list.

Of course, these rankings fluctuate daily, so we are not focused on watching the numbers. However, a burst in sales that moves the book up the list helps expose it to many more potential readers when they browse—and we are all about raising visibility that there is hope in the life-transforming power of Jesus! 

I hope you’ll consider partnering with us by preordering ButterflyLiving Life Changing Stories. You will be helping us raise the visibility of this powerful collection of uplifting stories, where encounters with Christ lead to hope-filled transformation. We are so grateful for your support!

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