Are You Oversharing About Your Marriage on Social Media?


The idea of “oversharing” has taken on a whole new meaning in a social media world. How often are the subjects of your Facebook or Instagram posts things that you would never share or involve your friends in if not for a social media platform tempting you to instantly share?

Much of the oversharing on social media is innocent fun, however the more we feel comfortable making the most mundane moments into a public spectacle, the more likely we are to impulsively share things that expose our most intimate relationships. This lack of restraint can be especially dangerous for your marriage.

How can we resist the urge to overshare about our spouse? If you do leave your oversharing off Facebook, are you still exposing too much about your marriage to outsiders in casual conversation? And when you’re genuinely seeking advice, who should you share with — and how much is too much to share?

My post on this topic is part of the “31 Days to a Better Marriage Series” hosted by Christian Marriage Adventures, where I joined 30 wonderful Christian bloggers to cover topics such as nurturing your marriage during financial hardships, reasons why your marriage isn’t thriving, the art of forgiving, surviving domestic abuse, how God can redeem an unequally-yoked marriage, how prayer and fasting can bless your marriage, and much more!

Click here to read my “31 Days to a Better Marriage” post on the topic of oversharing about your marriage on social media.

Have you had a hard time resisting the urge to overshare about your spouse? Have you ever been caught in the middle when an oversharing friend loops you into her marriage squabbles? How do you protect the intimacy and mutual respect in your marriage in this oversharing social media environment? See my full post on this topic and share your thoughts below!



  1. Lisa R on July 31, 2022 at 1:17 pm

    You’ve touched on a really important topic here, and I love the depth you’ve gone into in the linked article. Thankfully, this is not an issue I’ve had to deal with (not that I’m a saint; I’ve plenty of other areas I need to improve in), but I have seen how oversharing has affected a few marriages. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

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