Considering Homeschooling? Trust Your Calling

Recently a good friend of mine surprised me by asking if we could get together to talk about homeschooling. I wasn’t surprised that she might consider it, but I was surprised by the timing and eagerness to get it all figured out right now — months before the school year’s end. My friend summed up…
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Defining Your Homeschool Mission: It’s More Than Your “Why”

As a homeschooler, I’m used to being asked “why” on a regular basis — why did we decide to homeschool? It’s not a difficult question to answer, because we wouldn’t be homeschooling if my husband and I weren’t clear about why. However, knowing your “why” is just the beginning. Your “why” helped you decide to homeschool. Deciding how to…
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Saying Goodbye to Superwoman

When I began homeschooling in 2010, I was surprised how many of my non-homeschooling mom friends commended me for my decision. “You homeschool? Oh, that’s so great — you are so amazing to be doing that.” Or… “Wow, you must be really patient — I know I could never get my kid(s) to let me…
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